Genuine Beauty is a guide to genuinely beautiful and healthy skin. This book is designed to inspire and encourage everyone to feel beautiful, accept the way they look and, above all, pamper and create a self-care ritual for themselves. I believe these are the ingredients to genuine beauty.

The skin – the body’s largest organ – envelops and protects us from harmful external effects. In recent years, more and more people have started to pay attention to the importance of clean, nutrition-rich food, positive thinking and inner wellbeing in their daily lives. Now it almost goes without saying that processed food, sugar, additives and ingredients cultivated with pesticides are far from the nutrition we need. We know that clean food is both good for the body and able to prevent and even cure issues that affect the body and mind.

This natural, wholesome, clean thinking can also be applied to skin care. We have been taught that the skin forms a protective barrier against harmful influences and substances, yet most formulas applied to the skin become absorbed, sometimes as deep as into the bloodstream. As a breathing organ, the skin is at its healthiest and provides optimal protection when we care for it with natural, nutrient-dense ingredients.

The skin receives most of its moisture and nutrition from within, but external skin care is just as important for maintaining the outermost layer with beauty, youth and resistance to environmental impacts, such as pollution and climate fluctuations. Nature’s own ingredients actually nourish the skin, rather than merely creating an illusion of skin receiving the care it needs. Natural cosmetics feed the skin, creating excellent results. I have met and helped dozens of customers who, despite claiming to have tried everything, have gained a new glow and relief for skin issues with the right natural products and treatment. That is the best possible feedback my work could ever get.

Over the years, I have come to see that genuine beauty goes deeper than the skin. Skin is radiant and glowing when the whole body is in balance and its bearer content. The skin is like a mirror that reflects what goes on both in our mind and body, and in that sense external skin care can only go so far.

I’ve also learned that genuine beauty means filling those containers in good, ethical ways. The impact of natural cosmetics goes far beyond our looks. Whether we choose natural cosmetics for skin care-related, ecological, ethical, or health reasons, the positive effects are wide-ranging and go deeper than meets the eye for our planet and in people’s daily lives.

In this book, I want to share my know-how in natural cosmetics and skin care that truly works. Above all, I want to inspire you to grasp the bottom line of what skin care is all about and what it can achieve. The cosmetics industry gets its fair share of criticism for over-the-top advertising, the staunchest critics going so far to declare skin care a total waste of time that doesn’t work. This is not the case at all. On the following pages, I have described some of the most common mistakes that people succumb to in their bathrooms. Despite everyone’s skin aging, a new skin care regime can offer new vitality and radiance. This book provides skin care instructions for different skin types and examines some of the most common skin problems. I also want to inspire you to pamper your skin at home. With the help of easy-to-follow recipes included, you can have a go at making your own cosmetics that are both caring and potent.

I hope you find this book inspiring even if you are interested in natural cosmetics only to a certain degree. Natural ingredients have formed the foundation for skin care since the beginning of time and, combined with synthetic ingredients, are widely used in modern cosmetics as well. Natural cosmetics are my personal choice, but mixing and matching is of course perfectly acceptable.


Here’s to lovely moments caring for your skin!

With love,

Katja – author of Genuine Beauty