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Genuine Beauty is a guide to genuinely beautiful and healthy skin. This book is designed to inspire and encourage everyone to feel beautiful, accept the way they look and, above all, pamper and create a self-care ritual for themselves. These are the ingredients to genuine beauty.




The book



Genuine Beauty is a skin care guide for genuinely beautiful and healthy skin. The book covers skin care in an approachable way and inspires women to look at beauty rituals as everyday luxury instead of a checklist routine.

True beauty is not only on the surface. Beautiful skin has a glow that is a reflection of a healthy body and happy mind. Our skin is like a mirror that reflects all that is happening underneath the surface, both in our physical and mental bodies. Genuine Beauty also means beautiful and ethical ways of filling the pretty little jars that the products come in.

In this book, you will find a bounty of instructions for different skin types and skin conditions and delve into the pitfalls of beauty care that many of us stumble upon. By changing the way we treat our skin for the better, we are able to improve the health of our skin and maintain a healthy glow regardless of signs of aging.

True miracles of beauty are achieved by using nutritious and effective raw ingredients. The book approaches skin care through natural cosmetics, bringing you heaps of information on organic beauty and raw ingredients/materials.

In the book you will find recipes for homemade beauty products, facials and cosmetics –  skin care is neither complicated nor expensive!

The book is an inspirational source even if you are not only interested in natural cosmetics. For thousands of years, skin care has been based on raw materials found in nature, and the modern cosmetic industry uses these same ingredients mixing them up with synthetic substances. Even though natural cosmetics lie at the heart of this book, feel free to mix and match as you fancy.

The book is also a treat for the eyes with the amazingly beautiful photographs of Kaapo Kamu.

Enjoy your sensuous skin care moments!



common mistakes


Do you have blemishes despite a strict cleansing routine? Does your skin feel tight although you use a very rich moisturizer? We’ve come across a few myths related to common skin problems. Lacking a gentle touch is the biggest no-no: cleansing, drying, and scrubbing harshly and using the wrong (ineffective or too powerful) products. Learn the six common skin care mistakes people make.



DIY cosmetics


Sometimes the most potent potion can be found in your very own kitchen. Genuine Beauty is not just full of information on how to treat your skin right, it is also a recipe book. We guide you through the world of Do-It-Yourself cosmetics and let you in on the secrets of our personal beauty gurus.





Katja Kokko is a natural beauty therapist, makeup artist and yoga instructor.

She has worked in the beauty industry for eighteen years as a product development consultant, trainer, beauty editor and entrepreneur.

Her popular blog has attracted readers from all over the world and is the place where she shares her knowledge, inspiration and tips for holistic wellbeing.


Kaapo Kamu is an acclaimed photographer renowned for his strong, succulent moods and captivating, inimitable style.

He has created a range of portraits, editorial and fashion images for various publications, with commercial photography as his main staple. In addition to his own photography, he directs commercials and music videos and teaches both photographers and photography students.






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