DIY cosmetics


Making your own cosmetics open a door to an entire new universe of skin care and pampering yourself. You may be surprised at how quick and easy it is to create your own luxurious skin care products that actually work. Making your own cosmetics is (aroma)therapeutic, and, bottled in lovely containers, they make the perfect gift. Your gastronomic sessions will leave an enticing aroma of essential oils wafting in your kitchen!

In the book you'll find recipes for a Lime-Lemon-Jasmine Cleansing Balm, Gently Exfoliating Pineapple-Matcha-Clay Powder and Vanilla Peppermint Body Mousse just to name a few. We've also interviewed May Lindstrom, the ultimate cosmetic gastronaut and beauty guru. In her little private studio in Los Angeles, May concocts lotions and potions that are pure magic – cosmetic gastronomy. She devises the ingredients and formulas for each product herself, which are created and bottled by hand. Artisanal through and through and packed in stunning, glossy black glass bottles, her products have become wildly popular in Hollywood and Europe alike. May's products are a true inspiration.


with May Lindstrom



Tell us a little about what beauty and skin care mean to you?

My aim is to ignite our own individual beauty that stems from radiant skin. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of taking some time out for daily rituals and reminders for a moment of luxury. I’m a hopeless romantic and believe that the greatest love story happens in ourselves – only then can love also stream out around us. Each of my products has been developed to create an incredible sensation, becoming a catalyst for decadent beauty rituals, so that we make some time and space for ourselves, and connect with who we are on the inside. That’s something we all deserve.

Where do you get the ideas for your lovely products? Do you draw from intuition, or are they a happy accident after experimenting with a ton of ingredients and formulas?

I get a real buzz out of sourcing new fragrances, colors, formulas, and beautifying, magical plants and minerals straight from nature. Working closely with clean ingredients is heavenly and so inspiring. I want to breathe in something new, like a drop of a floral scent on the palm of my hand, and see where my imagination takes me. I play around with impressions of who would fall for this new product – who is this man or woman who would resonate with the elements of my latest creation. I love to examine and play around until I’m happy with the end result and I’ve achieved a scent, formula, or effect that’s unique and exciting. My work is a combination of intuition and knowledge of plants, minerals, and our relationship with skin care rituals throughout history.